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User Experience (UX) design is simply about understanding your user's and the problem they are trying to solve, and then providing the most effective, simplest solution.

Analysis Process

There are many different methods and best-practices to understand your users and their needs. There is no one-size fits all solution. During our research and discovery phase, we may go through a series of exercises, including, persona creation, stakeholder interviews, customer interviews, SME interviews, customer journey mapping, empathy mapping, service blueprints, current-state analysis, competitive analysis, usability, accessibility and data analysis.

Development Process

After the initial research and discovery phase is complete, we develop a plan and define the jobs to be done. We scope the work and make recommendations for a minimum viable product (MVP). This roadmap provides you with several options to work within your budget.

Design Process

One approved, the design phase begins. This is often a collaborative approach between us and the stakeholders. We certainly don't want to surprise you with a big reveal at the end. We want to bring you along on this journey. From here, we provide design assets which may include, wireframes, prototypes, high-res mockups, or the final deliverables.


Our solutions are focused on delivering outcomes, not outputs. UX design is about solving your problems in the most efficient way possible. We pride ourselves on being curious and providing value.

It's worth noting that the Research and Discovery phase should be ongoing. Your business goals and your user's needs are always evolving. Once we have implemented a new solution, we have to keep testing and making adjustments as needed.

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